Futurs ACT


The “Indicators” Action Group aims to develop and pool indicators to respond appropriately to the current challenges of anticipating climate change.

The vision of this Action Group is to compare the different approaches developed within the communities of actors involved, from civil society (non-governmental organisations, technicians) or from the scientific field (environmental sciences or human and social sciences).

In essence, the objective is to acquire a common culture to make it possible to identify relevant indicators—including those yet to be developed—that can meet the challenges of anticipating systemic issues associated with climate change. We therefore propose collaborative work methods, including ecosystemic and multidisciplinary approaches, at the science-society nexus to co-create these new indicators. These efforts shall naturally take into consideration social, environmental and economic limitations, which often serve different purposes.

We also believe that this dynamic must crystallise through a project approach. Indeed, it is through a concrete project vision that these indicators will be able to be considered/honed, thereby allowing their subsequent development.

Below are the Action Group’s key areas of work:

  • Classifying diverse indicators of relevance and the objectives at the origin of their utilisation
  • Identifying relevant indicators linked to projects and developing a “science of indicators”
  • Grouping indicators that respond adequately to the challenges of anticipating social, environmental and economic stakes

For all questions concerning this Action Group, please write to the group lead, Anthony Thomas, or to the general contact email address info@futurs-act.fr

Anthony Thomas – anthony.thomas@univ-poitiers.fr

Associate professor at the PPRIME Institute (National Center for Scientific Research, CNRS) in energy with a specialisation in energy conversion and storage via the hydrogen vector. His teaching focuses on energy and climate issues at the ENSI Poitiers engineering school.