A common definition for a cross-cutting concept

Vulnerability is a concept that covers various fields and offers the possibility to deploy cross-cutting action. Depending on the object of study and the purpose, different vernaculars ​​can be used to address this concept. The first meetings of the Vulnerabilities Action Group demonstrated the need to define both a common framework and/or definition, but also to collect details on the specific concepts mobilised by the Group’s participants in accordance with their respective approaches. Doing so will facilitate subsequent exchanges within the Action Group, and ultimately with a wider community, to identify cross-cutting research questions. The table in the downloadable file below therefore presents the common definition adopted and variations of specific concepts (French only). Over time, it is intended for the participants of the GA to continue feeding into this common concept note.

For all questions concerning this Action Group, please write to the group leads, Nathalie Caill-Milly and Servann HEROU, or to the general contact email address

Nathalie Caill-Milly –

Researcher in the ecology of fishery resources at the French National Research Institute for Ocean Science (IFREMER). She works on the ecology of exploited populations in connection with the study of fisheries and the environment, focusing in particular on coastal species (clam, red mullet) of the Bay of Biscay.


Servann HEROU –;  

Through his work as a high school teacher and as a founding member of the third place Ecocycle, Servann actively participates in the societal transition necessary to anticipate climate change. His research training during a PhD at the University of London and a post-doctoral fellowship at Imperial College has made him aware of the role that research can play in this transition.