Action Groups


Climate change has diverse, far-reaching effects on the environment and on our societies.

The diversity of expertise within the Futurs-ACT network makes it possible to offer several collaboration and incubation spaces that interface with society, developing intrinsically interdisciplinary research-action projects.

Our Action Groups are meant to foster meaningful exchanges and collaboration between researchers, socioeconomic stakeholders and decision-makers.

The continued dynamic of these fora is upheld by the “Action Groups”.

Each Action Group is led by at least one researcher from Nouvelle-Aquitaine. In accordance with the network’s philosophy and mandate, these groups are composed of both researchers and civil society partners. Participation in the Action Groups is open to everyone.

Action Groups

Education in the anticipation of different territories’ environmental and social transitions is a new approach that merits further exploration and development.

The “Indicators” Action Group aims to develop and pool indicators to respond appropriately to the current challenges of anticipating climate change.

Climate change has become everyone’s business. At the level of regional territories, many actors (decision-makers, economic actors, civil society) are exploring and experimenting different approaches to mitigating and adapting to climate change.

The diagnosis of the scientific community on the role of human activities in climate change and their impacts, present and future, is now widely accepted. The debates are now moving from the field of impacts to that of the actions necessary to answer the question: “Faced with this situation, what should be done and how?”