Futurs-ACT provides project support

In addition to fostering knowledge on the environmental and societal impacts of climate change, Futurs-ACT aims to develop anticipation science to explore the possible futures of different territories. To achieve that, the network contributes to the creation of research and research-action projects aimed at:

  • Understanding impacts and their development into the future
  • Co-creating climate change adaptation scenarios
  • Exploring and experimenting with pathways to prepare desirable futures
  • Promoting the inclusion of local stakeholders and interfacing between science and civil society in the process
  • Facilitating changes of scale (from global forecasts to territorial foresight)
  • Prioritising knowledge for action that can be acted upon by citizens, socio-economic stakeholders and public decision-makers

Access the latest calls for tenders and research projects, from various organisations in France and internationally, associated with the anticipation of climate change through our monthly newsletter.

Are you a social stakeholder or researcher with a project you would like to propose in favour of climate change anticipation? Have you identified a research question and need to mobilise one or more partners or expertise to develop it further?