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Since 2011, the Regional Scientific Committee on Climate Change, which became AcclimaTerra in 2015, has been synthesizing scientific knowledge on the impact of climate change at the scale of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. A pioneer in France, this approach, which is supported by the Regional Council, ultimately led to the contributions of researchers from diverse disciplines to two flagship reports (2013 and 2018) for both the scientific world and civil society. In addition to this editorial activity, AcclimaTerra enhances its reports through continued dissemination and public awareness activities. Scientific updates are also carried out, based on the work of the relevant Regional Research Networks, to produce and update the knowledge contained in reports on territorial issues and challenges. AcclimaTerra is also a partner of the national network of Regional Groups on Climate Change (GREC). Furthermore, it participates in cross-border actions within the framework of the Pyrenees Climate Change Observatory (OPCC). https://acclimaterra.fr


A Quebecois non-profit organisation fostering collaborative projects involving a network of 450 researchers, experts, practitioners and decision-makers from different disciplines and organisations. Ouranos specialises in: co-financing interdisciplinary and multi-institutional projects, bringing together researchers, practitioners and decision-makers to stimulate and support adaptation to anticipated climate change; offering climate scenarios and services to several partners in Quebec, Canada and internationally; producing regional climate simulations with the Canadian Regional Climate Model 5 (RCM5). https://ouranos.ca

The “environmental” regional research networks of Nouvelle-Aquitaine


Biosena is a multi-actor network with members stemming from academic and socio-professional sectors. Its objective is to contribute to increased knowledge and preservation of biodiversity, as well as to improve ecosystem services through research, knowledge transfer, dissemination of scientific culture and skills transfer via research-action, as per the recommendations of the Ecobiose council.

Contact: Martin Galilée

Project manager for the Biosena network



The RIVAGES network (Risks and Vulnerability for the Adaptation and Management of Coastlines in Nouvelle-Aquitaine) is dedicated, in particular, to the physical dynamics and societal challenges of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region’s coasts in the light of natural and anthropogenic disturbances. Its objective is to federate the diverse regional dynamics undertaken in this field and to cross the approaches and disciplines focused on the coasts, with the aim of successfully combining research, decision-making support and promotion of best practices.

Contact: Bérengère Papion

Project manager for the RIVAGES network




The Naïades network brings together actors from the academic and the socio-professional world with the aim of structuring research, and promoting the production and dissemination of knowledge related to current and future issues concerning water in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

Contact: Lucas Garzon

Project manager for the Naïades network


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