AcclimaTerra reports

The Futurs-ACT regional research network draws on the work of the Regional Scientific Committee on Climate Change, AcclimaTerra, in particular the summary reports produced under its coordination in 2013 and 2018. These summaries have made it possible to establish a multidisciplinary assessment of the available knowledge on environmental and societal impacts at the scale of the region, gradually providing orientations as relates to mitigation and adaptation measures. They also identified essential questions which remain to be answered as well as knowledge bases requiring consolidation.

Public policies, programmes, best practices

Public policies and commitments at the regional (Nouvelle-Aquitaine), national (France), European and international level influence the way in which the stakeholders of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine territories address the fight against climate change. Given the interwoven nature of climate change in multiple aspects of our lives, many associated issues are incorporated into a variety of sectoral policies. Therefore, the resources below are no more than a non-exhaustive overview of the relevant guidelines in the fight against climate change at the scale of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France, Europe and the world.