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Anticipate climate change through strategic foresight rather than case-by-case adaptation measures.
Support decision-making by exploring pathways to possible futures.
Change scales — draw from global perspectives to prepare territories for local adaptation measures.
Science for action — produce actionable knowledge that society stakeholders can use to clarify their doubts regarding adaptation to climate change.
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Anticipation of climate change in transitioning territories—Nouvelle-Aquitaine

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Futurs-ACT is...

The regional research network Futurs-ACT is geared toward the anticipation of climate change in transitioning territories. Based in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France), our activities are developed here and in collaboration with other world regions.

This network benefits from the participation of scientists from 15 research establishments and the collaboration of civil society stakeholders (environmental associations, etc.), local authorities, management bodies (regional parks, inter-municipal authorities, administrations, etc.), and socio-economic sectors.

In addition to developing knowledge on the environmental and societal impacts of climate change, Futurs-ACT aims to develop anticipation sciences to explore the possible futures of territories under the spectre of climate change.

“How can we best respond to the ecological, economic and social disruptions associated with climate change?”

The focus of such debates is shifting from the realm of impacts to that of the action territories must take as they project themselves into the future. A series of unanswered questions remain in terms of anticipation, adaptation and mitigation. These questions constitute a common challenge for society and for interdisciplinary science.

It is this innovative path of anticipation and strategic foresight that Futurs-ACT pursues at the territory level.


Action Groups

The diversity of expertise within the Futurs-ACT network makes it possible to offer several collaboration and incubation spaces that interface with society, developing intrinsically interdisciplinary research-action projects.

Our Action Groups are meant to foster meaningful exchanges and collaboration between researchers, socioeconomic stakeholders and decision-makers.


Futurs-ACT provides support in project design, consortium building (researchers, society stakeholders, on a regional or larger scale), and incorporating anticipatory methods for climate change research action projects at the territorial scale.

We strongly encourage project co-creation: scientists, companies, technicians, political stakeholders, students, etc. and their involvement in the different stages of development, negotiation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the project.

Are you a social stakeholder or researcher with a project you would like to propose in favour of climate change anticipation? Have you identified a research question and need to mobilise one or more partners or expertise to develop it further?

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