Regional Research Network

A consortium and collaborative space in Nouvelle-Aquitaine dedicated to strategic foresight and climate change in transforming territories.

“How can we best respond to the ecological, economic and social disruptions associated with climate change?” The focus of such debates is shifting from the realm of impacts to that of the action territories must take as they project themselves into the future. A series of unanswered questions remain in terms of anticipation, adaptation and mitigation. These questions constitute a common challenge for society and for interdisciplinary science.

It is this innovative path of anticipation and strategic foresight that Futurs-ACT pursues at the territory level.


Anticipate climate change through strategic foresight rather than case-by-case adaptation measures.

Support decision-making by exploring pathways to possible futures.

Change scales — draw from global perspectives to prepare territories for local adaptation measures.

Science for action — produce actionable knowledge that society stakeholders can use to clarify their doubts regarding adaptation to climate change.

Strategic foresight : an intrinsically interdisciplinary question

“Foresight – the discipline of exploring, anticipating and shaping the future – helps build and use collective intelligence in a structured and systematic way to anticipate developments and better prepare for change. Horizon scanning , the assessment of megatrends, emerging issues and their policy implications, as well as the exploration of alternative futures via visioning and scenario planning, are key to informing strategic political choices.” (Strategic Foresight – Charting the Course Towards a More Resilient Europe).

To date, scientific studies have often concentrated on the impacts of climate change, not only on a global scale but also at regional levels. As the scope of related impacts is vast, the result is a common challenge for the societies within our territories and for science. At the level of a territory, solutions are possible through anticipation. But by their very nature, such solutions require interdisciplinary and participative research.

Action Groups

The diversity of expertise within the Futurs-ACT network makes it possible to offer several collaboration and incubation spaces that interface with society, developing intrinsically interdisciplinary research-action projects.

Our Action Groups are meant to foster meaningful exchanges and collaboration between researchers, socioeconomic stakeholders and decision-makers. 

These activities are coordinated through the following Action Groups: