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Anticiper l’évolution des changements climatiques en se tournant vers les scénarios possibles du futur plutôt qu’à l’adaptation “au coup par coup”.
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Épauler la prise de décisions en explorant les trajectoires vers des futurs possibles.
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Effectuer le changement d’échelle — s’enrichir des perspectives globales pour préparer l’adaptation dans les territoires locaux.
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Pratiquer la science pour l’action et non “la science pour la science” — produire des connaissances mobilisables par les acteurs socio économiques pour répondre à leurs questionnements en matière d’adaptation aux changements climatiques.
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Futurs ACT
Anticipation du changement climatique dans les territoires en transition - Nouvelle Aquitaine

Tremplin 2023

Since 2019, Futurs-ACT has been promoting, within the regional research ecosystem and at the science-society interface, of the emergence and the structuring of the anticipation science of climate change in the territories.

This year like every year, the Régional Research Network, Futurs-ACT geared toward the anticipation of climate change in transitioning territories has organised the TREMPLIN event on 12th & 13th juin at Bordeaux university campus (Talence, bât. A29).


Futurs-ACT has invited you to participate at this exchange based on the theme: “Climate change: Preparing to live in changing territories”, where researchers, teacher educators, students, political decision makers, socio-economic actors, associations,… have been brought together to explore :

  • Anticipation of climate change through citizen involvement.
  • The methodologies/actions for co-constructing anticipation of climate change

Round tables and workshops on :

  • Tomorrow’s forest,
  • Alternative mobilities,
  • Flooding/submergence risks,
  • Heat islands,
  • Agricultural droughts,
  • The ecohealth approach.



Back in Pictures

Here are few snippets of the amazing moments that have taken place during two days of tremplin.


Here are the posters of the projects supported by the Futus-ACT network which were presented during the Tremplin.


Discover Tremplin event through the following series of videos broadcasted gradually through our YouTube channel. Do subscribe to our channel for the upcoming videos!